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Gay Guys

Gay guys just don't get it. 11 doesn't get along like 10 does.

Submitted by flamingrythm at 11-17-2008
0 comment

More Important

I'm not answering cause I'm doing something more important than talking to you... like shopping! Toodles!

Submitted by flamingrythm at 11-15-2008
0 comment


The little yellow thing next to my name should mean somethin'... :-P Maybe not to someone who has the brain capacity of a goldfish though. Have a bad day.

Submitted by buddy at 11-28-2007
0 comment

ugly tree...

Oh dear! Looks like %n fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!

Submitted by buddy at 11-28-2007
0 comment


If you dont leave me alone i'll spray you down with preperation h

Submitted by tomcan35 at 10-19-2006
0 comment


SUGER PLUM FAIRY!!!! Oh it is just you.

Submitted by VladislausDracula at 09-23-2006
0 comment


The idiots are the ones who say others are idiots for being themselves!

Submitted by VladislausDracula at 08-12-2006
0 comment


I'm mad at you right now so go away!

Submitted by VladislausDracula at 07-28-2006
0 comment


WARNING: I'm sarcastic and cynical, so if you IM me while I'm away right now, be prepared!

Submitted by scigeek at 07-18-2006
0 comment

make me wanna

ur body makes me wanna but ur face makes me wanna puke

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 06-25-2006
0 comment


There are three kinds of people in the world; ones that can count and ones that can't count.

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 06-02-2006
0 comment

every thing U ant

Kind, Intelligent, loving, hot, This describes everything you are not.

Submitted by shaneb09 at 05-23-2006
0 comment


I love your smile, your face, and your eyes- Damn, I'm good at telling lies!

Submitted by shaneb09 at 05-23-2006
0 comment

yo mama

Your mamas so fat and stupid, when it was raining she used the freeway for a slip and slide

Submitted by shaneb09 at 05-23-2006
0 comment

yo mama

yo mama soo fat that when a school bus drove by she yelled "HEY!!! CATCH THAT GIANT TWINKIE!!!!!!!!"

Submitted by shaneb09 at 05-23-2006
0 comment

We all make mistakes

god made mountains, god made lakes, god made you but we all make mistakes...

Submitted by shaneb09 at 05-23-2006
0 comment

what the hell happend 2 U???

roses are red violits are blue god made me pritty what the hell happend to you???

Submitted by shaneb09 at 05-22-2006
0 comment

Funny Insult

Do you make effort to be an idiot or is it a gift?

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-09-2006
0 comment

Funny Insult

If you actually IM me because you see a little yellow notepad next to my name...you have a problem.

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-06-2006
0 comment

oh my god!

I had my web cam on and i noticed a face and then i realised oh my god it was me

Submitted by ash15782 at 02-23-2006
1 comment

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