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Yummy in the tummy.

Yummy in the tummy.

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

I'm eating! Leave me alone!

I'm eating! Leave me alone!

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

My fingers too greasy

I am not at the computer right now because my fingers too greasy to type with.

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

I'm stuffing my face.

I'm stuffing my face.

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

Very yummy

Filling my tummy with something very yummy.

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

I'm away eating breakfast

I'm away eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you're smart, you'll figure out which one it is.

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

I will be back when it is full

I'm getting my tummy refill right now, I will be back when it is full.

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

Food makes life better

Food makes life mmmmm mmmmm better!

Submitted by buddy at 12-05-2007
0 comment

I'm out getting drunk

I'm out getting drunk leave a message and I'll contact you when I sober up.

Submitted by buddy at 12-04-2007
0 comment

Cold beer

There is nothing better than a cold beer; yet nothing worse than a hot one!

Submitted by buddy at 11-28-2007
0 comment

Life is like a hotdog

Life is like a hotdog, all the good stuff goes into the pork chop or the ham, the hot dog gets the snouts, feet, testicles, intestines, etc.... kind of puts a new perspective on the world huh?

Submitted by buddy at 11-28-2007
0 comment

Need Coffee

Can't. Talk. Haven't had. Coffee today.

Submitted by krissyluvsdance at 07-21-2007
0 comment

drink therefor i am away

i drink therefor i am - away

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
0 comment


You ever notice that when people tell you they're on a diet, they're either eating or about to eat? I'll be right back, I'm on a diet.

Submitted by fonzie at 10-26-2006
0 comment


Back in a few munchin some grindage

Submitted by tomcan35 at 10-19-2006
0 comment

Fat kids

I'm eating, because fat kids are harder to kidnap...

Submitted by claerith at 09-25-2006
0 comment

Food Burger-Fries-etc

Burger...Fries...and Coke... Don't bother me I am eating.

Submitted by Vintage and Adorable at 08-14-2006
0 comment


In serious need of a vanilla latte - extra whip!

Submitted by stormbear at 06-22-2006
0 comment


im gettin my grub on

Submitted by xxkrazii101xx at 05-29-2006
0 comment

stuffing my face

I'm stuffing my face... what do you want?

Submitted by wakedream at 02-03-2006
0 comment

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