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leave your info from category Funny

I'm not here right now. If you'll leave your name, home number, work number, credit card numbers, social security number, date of birth, height and weight, and names of all immediate family members, I'll steal your identity or get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Submitted by xashholee at 03-12-2006
0 comment

poem from category Insults

Roses are red violets are blue, God made me pretty, what the hell happen to you?

Submitted by sniffglue1 at 11-06-2005
0 comment

5 minutes from category Other

I'll be back in 5 minutes, if not, just read this again.

Submitted by mark at 08-07-2005
1 comment

i swear from category Funny

I swear to drunk, i am not god.

Submitted by wakedream at 02-03-2006
0 comment

out from category Other

I'm out and about, it's no telling what I'm getting into. If you get a collect call from the jail, make sure you answer it, I might need you to bail me out.

Submitted by wakedream at 10-07-2005

lost it from category Funny

i've lost my mind... have you seen it?

Submitted by mark at 07-09-2005
0 comment

Life sucks from category Bathroom

Life sucks but so do you. You suck but I don't. What do you want now? I have to pee damn it! Hey! Let me go! Can't you see I have to..... Oppps........ Can I go change my pants?

Submitted by TorturedSouldWithAFu at 01-02-2006
0 comment

brick from category Insults

I have always woundered why people bang their heads against brick walls... And then I met you.

Submitted by sniffglue1 at 11-06-2005
1 comment

bathroom break from category Bathroom

I'm taking a bath... leave me alone

Submitted by mark at 07-09-2005
1 comment

pee from category Bathroom

*sing* who lives in a pinnapple under the sea? spunge bob square pants! who is away cuz they have to pee? i am, i am

Submitted by meluvu at 12-27-2005
0 comment

roses are red from category Bathroom

Roses are red violets are blue im taking a shower so i dont smell like you!

Submitted by dxvolcomxc at 03-12-2006
0 comment

love from category Romance

I love you more everytime I breath.

Submitted by wakedream at 10-02-2005
1 comment

poo from category Bathroom

im away for a poo so il b a while, so dont expect a reply back for a while

Submitted by ash15782 at 02-23-2006
0 comment

Concentration from category Thinkers

If you concentrate REEEEEEEAL hard, I might come back...

Submitted by doomfreak at 01-04-2006
1 comment

my mamma said don't ever... from category Tips

mamma said don't ever go out side after dark, mamma said don't talk to strangers, mamma also said never listen to any 1 over 30, mamma's profile: 40years old

Submitted by meluvu at 12-27-2005
0 comment

somewhere from category Thinkers

i am somewhere. i dont know where. i could be in my own world. i could be out with someone. i could be out walking somewhere. All i know is i am somewhere.

Submitted by mark at 08-07-2005

Hide-and-seek from category Funny

Hey %n, ctn playing hide-and-seek with blind kids!

Submitted by sballgurl4ever13 at 01-30-2006
0 comment

poop from category Bathroom

taking a poop, u wanna check it out?

Submitted by sunshine at 02-20-2006
0 comment

lemons 2 from category Silly

When life gives you lemons... throw them at people.

Submitted by wakedream at 02-02-2006
0 comment

get a life from category Insults

Unlike %n, I have a life!

Submitted by sniffglue1 at 11-06-2005
0 comment

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