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kick me...please!! from category Insults

stupid computer...kick me off the internet please %n is on just kick me off!!

Submitted by meluvu at 12-27-2005
0 comment

the key from category Tips

The key to a woman's heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time

Submitted by wakedream at 02-03-2006
0 comment

WOW.... from category Thinkers

wow i cant believe you would take the time just to read this. I mean who just sits there on aim and all they do is read away messages?? Gosh some people are so weird........

Submitted by Wolvesrock333 at 04-18-2006
0 comment

i don t wanna talk to u from category Insults

i'm here i just don't wanna talk to u

Submitted by imsuchahottie at 02-15-2006
1 comment

insult1 from category Insults

Ill be back when %n loggs off.

Submitted by sniffglue1 at 11-06-2005
0 comment

FATE from category Romance

I know its fate....u just haven't realized it yet!!!

Submitted by cjsparkle89 at 12-13-2005
1 comment

long, hard day from category Sleep

I'm sleeping after a long, hard day... ...ok, no. i lie. i'm just lazy.

Submitted by wakedream at 02-01-2006
0 comment

promises from category Inspirational

This life promises alot of things... but tomorrow is never guaranteed. Appreciate the people you have around while they're here... because they could be gone at any moment. Don't take this life for granted.

Submitted by wakedream at 02-03-2006
0 comment

if life gives yo lemons.... from category Silly

if life gives you lemons, make grape juice and let everyone wonder how you did it!

Submitted by HOLLiSTERx at 03-25-2006
0 comment

omfg from category Funny

omfg i fel i fell ow ow ow im seriously bleeding.... hey a cheeto

Submitted by LiLrocka619 at 05-06-2006
0 comment

sleeping tight from category School

I'm sleeping now. Will IM you at once I get back from class

Submitted by mark at 07-09-2005

I Have a Life from category Silly

I GOT A LIFE... ...bought it on eBay

Submitted by billy_44 at 05-09-2006
0 comment

not really. from category Insults

I'm probably still sitting in front of the computer. I just don't want to talk to you, so I put this away message up.

Submitted by wakedream at 02-01-2006
0 comment

shower from category Bathroom

You might stink... but I'm not going to.

Submitted by wakedream at 09-27-2005
0 comment

sleeping well from category Sleep

I'm in my deepest sleep after a hard day. Are you going to touch me???

Submitted by mark at 07-09-2005
1 comment

you should be in school from category School

I'm in school now. Hey! You should be too!

Submitted by mark at 07-09-2005
0 comment

gotta go from category Bathroom

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now, and i don't have to go right now. Actally i do be right back

Submitted by sangoyami at 01-19-2006
0 comment

Billi Joe Quotes from category Funny

You think your life is tough? Try being a parent! The beauty of the punk thing is that everyone has their own interpretation--like the Bible. I never thought that being obnoxious would get me where I am now. I sound like an Englishman impersonating an American impersonating an Englishman. Mistakes are a big part of our sound. Practice makes perfect but nobody's perfect so why practice? It's weird. I mean, I consider myself kind of an ugly guy. They have bad taste. I am NOT a good-looking guy. I've never had a very high standard of living. Any money I've seen hasn't changed the way I do things at all. The only benefit is that I recently got married, and I can treat my wife the way she deserves to be treated.

Submitted by SwtGrl605 at 04-10-2006
0 comment

shop till you drop from category Shopping

Shop 'till you drop?... I will!

Submitted by wakedream at 10-07-2005
0 comment

pee from category Tips

Don't pee in the wind.

Submitted by wakedream at 02-03-2006
0 comment

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