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diet from category Eating

You ever notice that when people tell you they're on a diet, they're either eating or about to eat? I'll be right back, I'm on a diet.

Submitted by fonzie at 10-26-2006
0 comment

Something my teacher told me from category Thinkers

Algebra is our friend but geometry is our enemy.

Submitted by VladislausDracula at 11-02-2006
0 comment

$$$ from category Shopping

~!*I'm a black belt at shopping~!*

Submitted by maria at 11-06-2006
0 comment

DUH from category School

~!*I think school is for smart people, I'm not to smart, so i don't go to school. But thats not what my parents think.~!*

Submitted by maria at 11-06-2006
0 comment

Customer Relations from category Work

Well its that time again...Its time for the Customer Service Happy Time Shift. I'll be back later

Submitted by firedragoness at 01-19-2007
0 comment

Zzzz from category Sleep

Shh....You hear that.....*zzz* yeah that!!! Im sleeping so if you need me try me....But I doubt you'll reach me

Submitted by firedragoness at 01-19-2007
0 comment

A Story from category Other

Well let me tell you a story. There's this guy that loved this girl more than anything in the world. The sad thing is that he never got to see her in person and is still in love with her. Another sad thing is that she doesn't love him anymore but he still loves her and wishes that she loved him back. Now he just goes by each day in complete misery. He tries to sort things out but it doesn't seem like anything will go right for him. He still tries to find out if she still has feelings for him. Well apparently she does still have feelings but of course she doesn't love him anymore. So what the hell do the feelings towards him mean. It looks like he will never know. All he knows is that she lies and doesn't seem to talk to him much anymore so he wonders what she has become. She goes from one boyfriend to another so he again wonders what she is becoming. All signs lead to her becoming a whore.

Submitted by StupidPsychoGuy777 at 01-21-2007
0 comment

loo from category Bathroom

i'm on the looo

Submitted by ayrton2007 at 02-21-2007
0 comment

poo from category Bathroom

having a bath be off

Submitted by ayrton2007 at 02-22-2007
0 comment

Love... from category Romance

Love: You think about it dream about it, lose sleep worrying about it, when you can't find it, you search for it, and when you find it, you don't know what to do with it, it is our source of pleasure and pain, but we can't predict which it will be from one moment to the next, it's a 4 letter word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and... impossible to live without...

Submitted by GeminiMD at 03-18-2007
0 comment

My name is... from category Bathroom

Ivanna tinkle.

Submitted by ebonyrose1979 at 04-20-2007
0 comment

roses from category Romance

theres this boy and he gave a girl a dosen roses he said i will love u when the last one dies.11 were real.And 1 was fake.

Submitted by punkie_princess999 at 04-27-2007
0 comment

mE SpeAk prEttY eNgliSH SoME dAy! from category Funny

Me not here now.

Submitted by ewitsyou at 06-10-2007
0 comment

God from category Inspirational

when I was alone and had nothing I asked 4 a friend 2 help me bear the pain no come came except . . . GOD

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
0 comment

Class of 2009 from category Funny

Party hard Rock and Roll We're the class you won't control The gurls are hot The boys are fine We're the class of 2009!!

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
0 comment

World to one from category Romance

You may be only one person to the world, but you may the world to one person.

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
1 comment

Stolen from category Romance

*-.. dont *-.. you *-.. wish *-.. that *-.. your *-.. heart *-.. belonged ***-.. to someone? *-..? *-.. i *-.. dont *-.. have *-.. to *-.. wish *-.. becuz *-.. myy heart *-.. is *-.. already <--stolen--- ~

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
0 comment

Take over the world from category Silly

*weirded out!* you know what? one of these days im gonna take over the world and where will YOU be?

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
0 comment

Perfect from category Romance

*you're so [ p e r f e c t ] to me*

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
0 comment

back in 5 from category Silly

Out of my mind, back in five minutes.

Submitted by Beautyunseen84 at 06-28-2007
0 comment

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