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Yahoo Emoticons and Smiles

First smileys or emoticons were invented by Harvey Ball, a freelance artist. It was a simple yellow circle with a smile and 2 dots instead of eyes.

The very basic emoticons which can be easily written using standart ASCII characters :-) and :-( were created by Scott Fahlman. He is not an artist, but a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. His idea was to use these smiles to distinguish jokes from important messages.

Nowadays emoticons are widely used in instant messengers. Text emoticons are automatically replaced by smiley images in Yahoo ! Messenger

We've collected a lot of smiles for Yahoo! Messenger.

You can use these yahoo smiles and emoticons on websites and forums.

Click on smiley image to download emoticon or to use smiley in your posts:

Yahoo Alien SmileyYahoo Another Alien SmileyYahoo Angel SmileyYahoo Angry EmoticonYahoo Batting SmileyYahoo Beatup EmoticonBig Yahoo SmileYahoo Bush SmileBroken Hart Smile for YahooYahoo Bye SmileyCall me smileChicken SmileyClap Yahoo SmileyClown Yahoo smileyCoffee SmileyCow emoticon for Yahoo! messengerCowboy SmileyCry EmotionDance yahoo smileyDay Dream Yahoo emotionYahoo Devil SmileyDoh SmileyDo not know Yahoo emoticonDrool SmileyEyebrow Yahoo smileyEye roll emoticon for yahooFemale Fighter EmoticonFlag SmileyFlower Smile for YahooFrustrated FaceGhost smileyGiggle SmileyGlasses yahoo emoticonHuggs SmileHypnotized FaceIdea Yahoo SmileyKiss SmileyLaugh Loud Yahoo FaceLiar SmileyLoser emoticonLove smiley for YahooMad tongue SmileyMale Fighter EmoticonAnother Mail Fighter  Emoticon for Yahoo MessengerMean SmileMoney Eyes EmotionMoney SmileNail biting EmoticonNeutral SmileNot listening emotionOn Phone SmileyOoooh emotion for YahooParty facePeace SmileyPig EmotionPray SmilePumpkin SmileyQuestion emotionRotfl SmileySad faceShame smileyShamrock emotionShhhh Yahoo smileYahoo Sick SmileySighing Yahoo faceYahoo silent emotionSilly face smileySleep Yahoo smileySmiley for YahooStar smileySunglas Smileyyahoo sweating smileyTalk to hand emotion for Yahoo instant messengerThink emoticonTimeout smileyTired face emotionTongue Yahoo smileyYahoo waiting smileyWave emoticonWaving smileWhistling emoticonWink Yahoo faceWit send emoticonWorried smileyWorship emoticonYing-yang smileyYou are kidding me emotion for Yahoo

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What is Buddy-Icons.info?

Are you fond of Yahoo emotions? Yahoo emoticons and smileys can be downloaded or used on websites. Express yourself with a custom created aim expressions. You can find funny AIM icons, away messages, smileys and emotions. Download free aim related programs!

You can use these icons in forums, different websites, MySpace.com, Xanga.com or any other places in internet. A lot of College Icons can be found here. Express yourself with a cute away message or a custom aim expression. Move than 3000 icons about the most popular movies.


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